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The tribal societies in India are considered among the weakest sections of the population in terms of common socio-economic and demographic factors such as poverty, illiteracy, lack of developmental facilities and inadequate primary health facilities. For many decades, “growth with equity and social justice” has remained on the development agenda in developing countries like India, but from the historical point of view, Indian society suffers from the substantial disparity in terms of education, employment, and income based on caste and ethnicity.

Tribal women in Odisha are illiterate; local contractors and landlords use them for hard daily labor. Empowerment means giving the individual the power to think and act freely, exercise choice, and to fulfill their potential as a full and equal member of society.

Tailoring in India traditionally is a male occupation, so women – especially the poor and underprivileged ones – are usually excluded from this and other professions. Opening this avenue as training and job opportunity not only provides them with a salary but also helps to establish confidence and to elevate the weight of their voice and their share in decision-making processes in their families.

Our First School in the Village of Santipadar, Laxmipur Block, Koraput District

In this training center, tailoring skills are imparted at free of cost. Students are trained by a qualified professional tailoring teacher. Certificates will be given to those who successfully complete the course.
These tailoring classes enable women in tribal areas, rural and suburban areas to earn on their own, making them self-confident and self-dependent. After completing 4 months of training, some women can start their own tailoring shops, while many can secure well-paying jobs in the export garment factories in the nearby areas, or sub-contract work from large scale tailoring shops.
Vision India is also committed to sharing the love of Jesus to our students. As they come to our community center to mingle with pastors, their wives, and our school children. Every day during the training they will have chapel and devotions.
We continue to follow up with graduates and make ongoing business and practical advice available.
Our Goal for 2021 is to start 2 more schools. Each Sewing Center will cost approximately $5000 that includes sewing machines, two embroidery machines, accessories, rent of the location and salary of a Master Instructor.

Our goal is to bring people to Lord in this manner that gives them both spiritual and practical hope for living in this world.

Our goal for 2021 is to launch 2 more schools, one among the Dalits.

Purchase a Sewing machine $100
Sewing Supplies $50
Monthly Instructor Salary $150
Partial Sponsor of a School $1000


Vision India is a flexible, diversified, holistic, lifelong, structured, education program directed toward imparting knowledge, Christian spiritual principles, skills, character, and attitude towards needs-oriented groups of people to bring about meaningful and measurable change.


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