The objective of empowering minority women, including their neighbors from other communities living in the same village/locality, is to empower and instill confidence in women. We empower them by providing knowledge, tools and techniques for interacting with the public and private sectors like NGOs, government agencies, banks and other institutions at all levels. The life of the majority of women in the traditional setting is of daily drudgery and their hardship is further compounded by non-availability of infrastructure and services relating to civic/basic amenities and socio-economic conditions. Unless women stand up and fight for their rights, mitigation of their hardship may take time. The vision is to reach out to women through non-governmental and governmental organizations/ institutions, and Central and State Government training institutes including universities and institutes of higher learning by providing financial assistance for conducting leadership development trainings to empower and embolden women. We desire to empower women from the minority communities and embolden them to move out of the confines of their home and community and assume leadership roles and assert their rights, collectively or individually, in accessing services, facilities, skills, and opportunities.

Women Empowerment Programme on 8th March 2013


Vision India is a flexible, diversified, holistic, lifelong, structured, education program directed toward imparting knowledge, Christian spiritual principles, skills, character, and attitude towards needs-oriented groups of people to bring about meaningful and measurable change.


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