AUGUST 2020 Successful Campaign

Successful Campaign

Save A Life. Save A Soul.

Due to COVID-19 and new government restrictions to which we must adhere, Vision India has been unable to offer its normal Health Camp, a most vital source of wholistic ministry for our people in India. Many tribal people suffer from coronavirus, yet, without a proper diagnosis, we are not eligible to prescribe any type of medication. The situation is critical, and we have had no option but to forego offering a Health Camp and to limit ourselves exclusively to the crafting of health masks and the distribution of soap, sanitizers, and other resources to promote good health during this worldwide crisis.

This year, Vision India gathered in five locations to distribute handmade masks, soap, and sanitizers, to include the Angul districts, the Laxmipur villages, the Naryanpatan Block, and the Nabarangpur District. Despite government-imposed limitations that block our Health Camp initiative, Vision India has reached out to more than 32 villages, wherein our pastors are actively building long-term relationships. Soon after the display of our Independence Day flag, we began a campaign to design and distribute masks, soap, and sanitizers among tribal groups. During this time, Vision India’s team, the sewing school ladies, and other volunteers joined us in the distribution of health supplies. The time was well spent, especially because of the many opportunities we had to share the love of Jesus and build new friendships.


Vision India is a flexible, diversified, holistic, lifelong, structured, education program directed toward imparting knowledge, Christian spiritual principles, skills, character, and attitude towards needs-oriented groups of people to bring about meaningful and measurable change.


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