August 2020 Emerging New Leadership Among Tribal Women

For a year and a half, our sewing school has been training tribal women for the purpose of helping them attain self-sustainability. Since March of 2020, we have been unable to run our tailoring program, due to COVID-19’s lockdown orders. However, the ladies who were previously trained have continued their diligent work in making masks, both for tribal communities and for local hospitals.

Last month, however, we restarted our training program with 11 ladies. Presently, the ladies alternate their morning and evening times serving in the sewing centers. Our sewing school rules are founded on the practice of prayer and devotions before the morning sessions begin. Ladies who join the sewing school also commit to attending Sunday worship, teaching sessions, and all other spiritual activities. Our native Pastor will create a choir group among our tribal ladies.


VISION INDIA is to empower underprivileged children in rural sector and Tribal sector in KBK (Western Odisha) and youth through relevant education, innovative healthcare and market-focused livelihood programmes. Vision India is to deploy best possible methodology and technology for achieving ideal SROI (social return on investment), to practice and promote good governance. To link business competitiveness of the corporate with social development initiatives, also to sensitize privileged children, youth and citizens in general to promote Civic Driven Change.

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